How do you get all of that mud out of your cracks and crevices?  We’re excited to announce a new addition to Mach 1 – Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps!  They’ve created an awesome way they’ll get you clean after we make you muddy!

Most showers at mud runs (if they exist at all) are cold, solitary experiences.  It may even just be the hose.  The Magic Foam Experience is different: showers are taken with friends, old and new, in a celebratory way to get clean after conquering our 5k full of mud. We’ll blast you and your friends with a refreshing and organic Dr. Bronner’s soap in foam form!  You’ll be instantaneously lathered up and ready to be rinsed clean.  It’s a foam party of sorts, but you’ll leave this one clean and refreshed.  Laugh, shout and squeal, immersed in the exhilaration of the Magic Foam Experience!

As if that isn’t cool enough, it’s also organic and biodegradable!  No worries about damaging the environment while we have a little fun.

Mach 1 isn’t your ordinary 5k, and this isn’t your ordinary shower.  It’s the perfect match!  Learn more about it HERE.




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